Easy does it

Ooooh has it been a little quiet lately on the crafts front? No problem! Nothing a little googling can’t fix!

I’ve been searching online for a simple project to satisfy my crafty fix. Something that’s relatively quick and easy to make and won’t cost the earth. Something that involving this item as a material.

Image from Wikipedia

That’s right! The humble but very versatile clothespin! The idea came to me while I was loading a batch of freshly washed clothes into the dryer (how technology has changed the world)! Found in almost every household, available in supermarkets and household stores, this household staple has been a popular medium used by many crafters for time immemorial!

There are heaps of craft projects online that you can pick and choose from. I’ll showcase a few of my favourites – hopefully one or more might tickle your fancy!

To start off, how about making your own kissing clothespin magnet? A little ink, paint and imagination goes a long way here! I think this will be a great party or wedding favour! More details here!


Animals are always a fun thing to make, especially if they look as cute as this giraffe, cleverly fashioned out of clothespins, pompoms and paper! It’ll be a hit with the kids for sure! More details here!


Perhaps you are the practical sort and would like to craft something that can be used around the house? Perhaps this tutorial for a clothespin planter might interest you?


If that seemed a little too easy for you or if gardening is not your thing (it’s ok I understand), maybe this circular clothespin mirror might shine some light into your life! More details here!


I love how just little gold paint and decoration transforms the humble clothespin into a fancy placeholder! More details here!


And last but not least, and my favourite of them all is this beautiful inspirational wall sign that doubles up as a photo holder with the help of, you guessed it, clothespins! An amazing step by step tutorial to make it can be found here!


A little bit of Sunday inspiration is always best to kick start a brand new week! Have a fantastic day folks!


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