Up up and away

“What’s that?” The Dude exclaimed this morning to me, as I stumbled bleary eyed, out of the bedroom.

“Sunlight?” I mumbled back, “Are you trying to say its too early for us to be up and we should go back to bed?”

“No no no,” The Dude shook his head and pointed in the direction of the balcony, ” Look and see before they fly away!”


“Wow! Hot air balloons!” I cried out excitedly, “They look so pretty against the morning sky!”

“Uh huh! You only get to see them if you wake up early enough! Something about the heat of the day just disagrees with this ancient flight technology.” The occasional engineer explained.

“They seemed to be going really fast,” I commented, “The balloons were so close to us a minute ago and now they have drifted further away. They look like little coloured dots in the sky now.”


“The wind must be pretty strong out there,” The Dude mused, “Do you know that you can’t steer a hot air balloon? Its all up to nature when you’re up there!”

“Do you think we’ll ever go hot air ballooning one day?” I asked The Dude over breakfast, long after the balloons had flown away, “The view from above must be sensational!”

“Maybe,” The Dude replied, “Never say never I say, even if we are both absolutely terrified of heights!”

Hmmmm a valid point indeed – I might do a raincheck on that till I overcome that phobia! Still it was very uplifting to see those balloons on a Monday morning! Hope the pictures lift up your spirits too!

Happy Monday everyone!

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