A crafty surprise

They say talent runs in the family. Well, I think I’ll partially agree to that statement. There is talent in our family but not with me, especially when it comes to the realm of paper crafting!

My cousin, bless her cotton socks, is an amazingly talented paper crafter! We’ve been really lucky to receive one of her handmade creations recently – a jaw dropping beautiful album that she had lovingly crafted to commemorate Bugs’s first birthday!


Every page has been carefully designed and filled with the prettiest detail! Its an album that anyone would be too happy to receive! Bugs is so going to love it when she’s older and looks back at it!


When another of her lovely handmade creation arrived in the mail today, it really made my day! Yippee!


This time, it was a recipe for some mouthwatering coconut and lime muffins which I had been eyeing greedily ever since she shared the photos. I can’t believe the key to those tropical desserts lies in my hands now! How cute does that muffin label look!


Inside the envelope was a really cool recipe card, or box shall I say!


The ingredients and steps needed to make those delicious gems were written on each side of the box –very clever indeed!


If there is one word that springs to mind to sum up her latest creation, it would be this….


Oh I feel so terribly blessed at the moment! Can’t wait to try out the recipe and get the baking going again! Do stay tuned!


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