The perfect storm

I had a bit of a meltdown today. A mommy meltdown, to be exact.

It happened just after we had finished our visit to the doctor. Bugs had been struggling with a congested nose for a few days now so a check up to see if it was anything serious had to be booked in (it wasn’t, thankfully).

The weather was equally miserable – very cold and wet, the kind of weather where it was better to be indoors than out. It had been raining pretty hard when we arrived at the clinic and the rain seemed to be pouring down harder as we exited the doors.

We hurried off to the car as quickly as I could, balancing an umbrella in one hand and my bag in the other while Bugs was strapped snugly to my chest.

But the miserable weather and the poking and prodding that she had been subject to a few minutes earlier had obviously got to Bugs for she started wailing inconsolably the minute she was transferred from my warm arms into the car seat. I tried to calm her down by singing her favourite nursery rhymes and giving her favourite toys but nothing seemed to work. Bugs was still wailing big time. And then it happened. My meltdown happened.

It came out of nowhere – now that I look back on it I’ll have to say I was taken by surprise. I sat in the driver’s seat, cold and half drenched from trying to shelter Bugs from the rain, and started to cry.

It must have looked pretty crazy, if someone had looked through the window – us crying in the car with “This old man” playing in the background. Thankfully, this crazy moment did not last too long. By the time this old man had played to seven, I came back to my senses and quickly scooped up Bugs for a cuddle to calm her down.

We did eventually get back into the car and head home but not before we went for a good stroll around the shops to distract ourselves from that episode of tears.

The Dude was understandably concerned when he heard about the incident. In hindsight, it had been brewing for some time – the marathon sleepless nights from looking after a sick kid, the exhaustion, the lack of “me” time. Add in a few raindrops and you’ll have the perfect (meltdown) storm on your hands.

I took a little time out when we got home to regroup my thoughts. I had felt pretty bad about kind of losing it and ignoring Bugs in that few minutes that I was in a meltdown mode. But the sight of her playing happily with her brand new ball (kids are so resilient) and wanting to cuddle up to me after made me feel heaps better.

So I guess the moral of the story is that if ever you feel overwhelmed, when life gets you down, take a very deep breath. Step away from it all. Take a break. Go for a stroll to clear your head. Talk to someone who’ll listen. Think of a favourite song to hum to (mine was ‘Last Christmas’ by WHAM! – cheesy i know but good for the soul). Or have some chocolate (I highly recommend this one). Lots of it. And at the end of the day, remember as what that famous Sandra Boynton book said, “A difficult mood is not here to stay. Everyone’s moods will change day to day.“!



One thought on “The perfect storm

  1. I meltdown a lot. Hahahaha, maybe not a LOT, but more than I’d like to. In fact, I just cried because I’m really sick and I tried to order Swiss Chalet and they don’t take debit at the door.

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