Chim Chimney

New experiences always delight me, especially if they are food related! And the local market is a great place to do just that! We spotted this curious looking confection when we were shopping this morning.


They looked kind of like cone shaped bread. We had a quick chat to the stall owner – a really friendly, smiley chap who cheerily informed us that they were chimney cakes!


We were informed that these cakes originate from Europe and are slowly making their presence felt in Melbourne. I was pretty intrigued by the baking equipment displayed at the stall -individual rollers for each cake and a compact box oven to bake them…. how interesting is that!


The cakes came in a huge variety of flavours to choose from. It did take us a while to decide on one.


We finally decided on a salted caramel flavour (seems to be the “in” thing at the moment) and brought home one little cake that had been pretty wrapped in plastic to try.


We heated up the cake in the microwave oven as instructed. That made the sugar in the top of the cake melt which made it look extra yummy!


The texture was a little like a cross between a croissant and sweet bread – crispy and chewy at the same time. And the sweet and salty flavour was subtle enough to not overshadow the buttery taste of the cake!


When it came down to the final morsel, The Dude graciously decided to let me have it. It was seriously too small to split so I did promise him that we’ll get the bigger, Nutella flavoured chimney cake the next time round and he would have the last piece!


A new cake on a new day – have a smoking Saturday everyone!


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