Sunday conversations

My cousin’s in town for a few days and we got to catch up over breakfast today! On a Sunday! My most favourite day of the week!

The weather was perfect this morning – what a change it was from the gloomy and grey skies that we had been experiencing the past few days!

The hotel where we had breakfast was really fancy! You could tell it was a posh place by the big grand chandelier that was hanging from the ceiling of the lobby!


The breakfast was lovely but the real highlight of the morning for me was finally being able to see my cousin after such a long time! The last time we met was more than a year ago -too long in my opinion!


We updated each other about the latest happenings in our lives, shared travel stories and food tales and talked about life in general. Best of all, Bugs was content sitting in the highchair with her pal, Eeyore, while all this chatting was going on!


Sundays are always great when they are filled with laughter and chatter! Hope yours will be the same too! Till tomorrow folks!


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