A secret among the trees

This pretty, tree lined street holds a special secret….


You’ll never guess that it’s the home of the brand new Movida Bakery!


We made this startling discovery on our walks around the neighbourhood this afternoon. Who would have thought – the famous Spanish tapas restaurant run by Frank Camorra has now opened a bakery in our ‘hood?


The bakery is a neat and small little place tucked in the corner of the street. There’s limited indoor seating and a casual outdoor setting to dine if that’s what you prefer.


My heart was beating with excitement as I entered the bakery- cafe! I spent some time studying the huge menu on the wall and was really pleased to see that most of the items were very reasonably priced!


The bakery was really buzzing with activity when we were there – the whole place smelt like freshly baked bread which made my stomach rumble!


There were a selection of sweets on the bar counter such as these cookies and brownies….


And these amazing looking filled doughnuts!


I decided to surprise The Dude with my latest discovery and took home a couple of those doughnuts for us to have as an after dinner treat! One of the doughnuts was filled with lemon cream while the other, with salted caramel.


The doughnuts were light and fluffy and absolutely delicious! We popped the salted caramel one in the microwave oven briefly to warm it through and the filling oozed out as we tore it open!


I’m so excited about my discovery! Can’t wait to visit the bakery again! What a fantastic way to start off the week!

Hope your day is as sweet as candy!


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