New found fun


Our local library has undergone some sort of a mini makeover recently. Besides the usual new chairs-tables-shelves kind of upgrade, the Children’s section has been nicely spruced up as well! Which was really great to see when Bugs and I visited the library today to return our overdue books!


Bugs was really happy when I placed her on the floor while I picked out some books – she’s an active crawler now! She was especially intrigued by the new colourful mats that were laid out on the floor. Here she is taking a closer look at Australia on the world map pattern mat….


And intently checking out the letters “B” and “C” on the alphabet mat!


Once the mats had lost their appeal, checking out the books on the shelves were her next priority.


Bugs must have been quite amazed by the sight of so many books for she kept squealing with joy as she explored the shelves! Here she is at the section where the Lemony Snicket books are – I love Lemony Snicket , maybe Bugs shares the same taste in books as I do?


Some time was also spent checking out the lime green sofa in the middle of the hall….


And the big bead toy that had been kindly supplied by the library -they really do know kids!


This was probably the most fun our budding bookworm has had in the library ever! I think we will probably be hanging out here pretty often!

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!


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