Winter bliss

“Winter is on its way. I can feel the weather getting colder,” I declared emphatically after dinner, ” I think Bugs needs a scarf.”

The Dude looked at me quizzically and replied ” A scarf? For babies? Is there such a thing?”

“According to Debbie Bliss there is!”


“Debbie who? Is she famous?”

“Only the most popular and celebrated knitting designer in recent times ! Here, I’ll show you,” I continued, flipping the pages of the book, “this is the pattern for the scarf for babies! Doesn’t that baby in the picture look warm and snugly with the scarf around his neck ?”


“And,” I added, “I found the perfect yarn in my stash to make this little project – this organic cotton and wool blend! Check out how soft it feels against the skin!”


“Plus,” I continued, “this is the perfect portable project! I can pop it into a little bag….


And knit on the go! Anywhere and anytime!”


“This project sounds like a good thing,” The Dude finally replied as we settled down to dessert (An indulgent brownie and scrumptious pear and almond tart, courtesy of Movida bakery), “To be able to steal a few moments of knitting every now and then sure sounds like your kind of bliss.”


I’ll add having a happy family and being able to enjoy dessert everyday to my bliss list as well!

Have you thought about what will be on your bliss list?

Hope you are having a happy hump day!


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