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Ooooh! Mother’s Day is just round the corner! So The Dude and I got a little busy and designed a special Mother’s Day card for dear mom today!

This card was so easy to make that I just had to share it, in case you are thinking of making something unique as opposed to a store bought card. All it takes is some paint, paper and your fingers! That’s right folks! We are going to do some finger printing!


Finger printing is really easy and achieves quick results! Cover one finger in some paint…..


And press finger onto where you like to make a mark and there you have it ! A perfect print!


Since this was a special card, we got a little fancy and made another print next to the one we had already made (like shown in the picture).


The result? This really cute orange heart shape print!


We were pretty happy with the result so we did a few more of the prints on the cover of a pre folded blank card.


A few letter stickers from my craft stash bag were then added to complete the look…..


And voila! Our very own, uniquely designed Mother’s Day card!


But wait! There’s more! We were absolutely buzzing with creativity today so we decided to jazz up the inside of the card as well! This time, we made a few finger prints (one each from all three of us) on a spare piece of paper….


Cut out the portion of the prints that we liked and drew smiley faces in them! I added a little red bow to Bug’s yellow finger print so that Nana knows that it belongs to her!


Stick this strip of paper to the inside of the card and hoorah! Our Mother’s Day card was complete!


We had so much fun making this, I think we will probably make more printed cards in the future! Hopefully this post has inspired you as well!

Have a great day everyone!


4 thoughts on “Thumbs up

  1. So adorable! I don’t know about this craft for *this* year, but we’ll see how my progress on my mess-phobia goes for next year! I bet your mom loves this card. I know I would!!!

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