Friday adventures

Hooray!! It’s finally Friday! We did something extra special today – Bugs and I , we visited the National Gallery of Victoria!


It wasn’t really for the art that we went there today (though the exhibitions there are pretty good) but it was more to give Bugs a change of scenery and experience something new.

Bugs bubbled with excitement as we walked past these fountains and made our way to the entrance of the gallery – I think she figured out that something fun was coming her way!


It didn’t take us too long to finally reach our destination – The Gallery’s specially designated play area for kids! Did I also mention that entry to this space is free? 🙂 Too good for words!


The Kid’s Space is a huge play area filled with lots of kid friendly activities and exhibits to entertain the wee ones. Some of the exhibits were eye catching, like these crown jewels replicas….


And some were just funny, like this Mickey Mouse terracotta warrior ‘relic’!


Our little explorer had lots of fun crawling around the big play area and peeking around the various nooks and crannies of the space….


And playing with everything that came into her sight , including these boring looking paper recycling boxes!


The interactive constellation light show did somewhat pique her interest ….


But the ship gallery section of the play area really caught her attention big time! She spent a good part of time trying to reach for the steering wheel…


And staring at this paper figure of a little captain – I think she’s trying to tell me something here!


What a big adventure we had today! Bugs was all smiles and chuckles when we finally headed home which was always nice to see!

We’ll definitely be heading back to the Gallery soon, only this time it will be for this….


Stay tuned and three cheers to the weekend everyone!

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