A present surprise

Weekends are always best when there is sunshine….


And presents! We caught up with the in-laws today for an early Mother’s Day celebration. Armed with our gift and handmade card……


We headed over to the in-laws for a nice, scrumptious lunch! I took this photo right after I had eaten my body weight worth of the delicious home cooked meal that The Dude’s mom had lovingly prepared for us -the picture doesn’t really show much but trust my words, the food was great as always!


Grandma was presented with her gift and card. But the gift giving did not stop there! Bugs received a set of new toys from Grandma and Grandpa which she was too happy to spend most of her time playing with (the lucky little chicken)….


And I was gifted this sweet looking cookbook of baby food recipes! That really caught me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting a gift!


I love that each of the recipes have been taste tested by these adorable looking kids – that’s quality control for you folks!


This book is so up my alley – I can’t wait to start cooking up something for Bugs like this yummy looking ratatouille….


And these delicious looking oat cookies (Hmmmm…. I might make these for myself)!


And best of all, right before we headed home for the day, we were presented with a huge container filled to the brim with the delicious home cooking that we had stuffed our bellies with earlier to take home!


A day filled with food and presents galore is always excellent I say!

Have a lovely day folks!


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