They say there’s only one way through to a (wo)man’s heart and that’s through her stomach! How very true indeed, especially if one gets to sample some amazing home baking like I did today!

Bright and early this morning, The Dude got busy in the kitchen and made us a special treat for breakfast. A very special treat I must say – my favourite raspberry muffins!


It didn’t take long for him to whip up the batter and pop a batch into the oven while Bugs and I played around the house. By the time we had read a few storybooks and gone through a couple of toys, these perfectly golden sweet treats were ready for consumption!


Needless to say, every bite was absolutely delicious and moreish! One for breakfast on a Sunday was not enough to satisfy my belly so I had two!


When it came time for lunch, The Dude sprung into action again and made a savoury pumpkin, blue cheese and sage tart! Including the pastry from scratch! How amazing is that!


While I was tucking into my portion of that heavenly tart (Yeap it’s not an optical illusion -those two large slices were mine…all mine!)….


I was surprised with a bevy of gifts which included this adorable card (that little girl looks so much like Bugs)….


And this really cool candle holder that had some pretty meaningful words inscribed on the side! I love this candle holder – its definitely going to take centre stage on the display cabinet!


But my best gift of all, I’ll have to say, were big hugs and kisses that Bugs and The Dude showered on me throughout the day!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! May your day be filled with lots of XOXO too!


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