Best with rice

What goes best with rice? Lots of things – I bet you can name a few of your favourite ingredients that go well with this versatile staple! For us, a spicy, fiery dish of stir fried eggplant and capsicum is our favourite
pairing with rice! Especially when the weather is as chilly as it is today!

I love making this dish for many reasons! For one, it doesn’t take long to cook which is a real plus when you need to keep an eye on an inquisitive, crawling little one! There’s not much prep involved as well – just chop up the ingredients (eggplant, onion and capsicum) and you’re ready to start cooking!


The chopped onions were the first to go into our trusty wok before the eggplant was then added….


Once the veggies had been frying for a while, it was time to add the secret ingredient to the mix- the one condiment that gives the dish it’s fiery, lip numbing taste!


The Dude and I love our veggies to be extra spicy so I added three heaped tablespoons this time round!


The red capsicums were the last to go into the wok and once they had been tossed around for a good five to ten minutes…..


Our fabulously fiery dish was ready!


It was a little more spicy than I had expected it to be as I had to gulp down some icy cold water in between mouthfuls and felt like a fire breathing dragon after it all! Maybe three tablespoons of that condiment was just pushing the envelope a little much! But the dish was still an excellent accompaniment with fluffy rice, especially on a chilly autumn day like today!


Do you have a favourite dish that goes best with rice? If you do, I’ll love to hear it!


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