Yesterday once more

We’ve been making regular trips to the library, Bugs and I, ever since we’ve discovered what a fantastic place the kids section is for crawling and exploring.

While Bugs was happily distracted by the enormous giraffe toy, I had a chance to look around some of the books on the shelves and manage to spot a few of my childhood favourites!


I read a lot as a kid – reading was probably one of my favourite past times then (it still is now if I can find the time!). A good storybook really feeds your imagination, which was one of the few things that I could indulge in at that tender age.

The brilliant Roald Dahl was one of my favourite authors. I think I read most of his children’s books as a kid. The BFG and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory are my favourite books of the lot!


Enid Blyton was another author whose books I voraciously read. I wasn’t a real fan of her famous five series but preferred her other tales especially those about fairies and dolls coming alive (I wasn’t aware of Chucky then).


The real surprise find of the day for me was this little book ! This folk tale was my absolute favourite as a kid! I remember reading the story over and over again during dinner time – the part where the soup finally becomes edible and appetising always made me hungry!


We left the library in our usual fashion – a big bunch of books for Bugs and one or two books for me. This is the book I picked out for myself today – straight out of the children’s section, I’ll definitely be having lots of fun re-reading this again!



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