A touch of Thai

It’s been quite a while since The Dude and I ate out for dinner. Before Bugs arrived, dining at our local Thai restaurant was one of our favourite past times, especially during the colder months! It’s amazing what a bit of Massaman or Kaeng Phet can do to warm up your soul!

I decided to recreate that experience by making some green Thai chicken curry today for us as a special treat. After all, if we can’t eat out, why not eat out instead at home?

This curry recipe came straight out of the Australian Women’s Weekly slow cooker cookbook that I had been gifted for Mother’s Day. Besides the fact that the food in the picture looked extremely tantalising, what sealed the deal for me was that there were only two steps involved to make that delicious looking dish! Two steps! How easy is that!


Step one: Add everything except the seasoning and garnish into the slow cooker and simmer for four hours.


Once the whole house smelt like a mix of Thai basil, lemongrass, coriander and chilli combined, it was time for step two which meant adding a bit of corn flour, fish sauce, palm sugar and lime juice to thicken the mixture….


before the final touches of garnishing were added to complete the dish!


I served it up with a huge side of rice and some leftover spicy eggplant that we made the other day to The Dude who was suitably impressed with the presentation!


It tasted pretty close to the curry that our favourite haunt used to serve us – not too spicy but with just enough kick and just the right mix of salty, sweet and sour flavour!


And best of all, the recipe yielded enough curry for us to enjoy for dinner tomorrow as well! No cooking for a day – hip hip hooray !


Life’s good when your belly is full! Have a fantastic day folks!


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