At the village

It’s Thursday and it’s playgroup day! We arrived a little earlier than expected so we went for a short stroll around the area to explore the nearby shops!

Playgroup is located in a quaint little district known as Auburn village. You can’t help but notice that the area is peppered with lots of turn of the century architecture like this impressive looking hotel…..


This building which houses lots of retail shops….


And this charming little house which really is a clinic for your animal friends.


There’s an eclectic mix of shops ranging from independent designer fashion ( I hope you can make out the sparkly dress in the window display)….


Organic grocers and apothecaries (that’s the window display of the apothecary, very romantic I think)…


And opportunity shops such as this one!


I couldn’t resist popping into the opportunity shop to take a quick peek, especially after I’d seen this interesting note about a very old song book in the display window.


I didn’t manage to find out more about the song book as the store was really busy when we visited it. But I didn’t leave the store empty handed -a small storybook for Bugs to play with on the drive home and a cute little book of ways to stay calm were my epic treasure finds of the day!


And to end off our little stroll, we spotted this quirky piece of street art on our way to playgroup! (In case you are wondering, the shadow of the sign on the floor and wall is spray painted.)


Hopefully we get a chance in the near future to explore Auburn village a little more!

Have a terrific Thursday everyone!


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