Everyday simple

Sometimes happiness lies in the simplest things in everyday life. Like a bunch of unfolded clothes.

I’ve been actively devising new ways to keep Bugs entertained around the house. Especially during the time when we had to stay indoors because of the weather or when Bugs was unwell, those little games were sure handy in keeping our little explorer as happy as can be.

The best sort of games, I find, are those that allow you to get some housework done and keep baby entertained at the same time! Our current favourite game is the simple task of folding the laundry or “Foldy clothesie” as it’s known to Bugs and me. Bugs plays with the clothes while I sit beside her and fold and keep them away once she’s done playing.


It tickles me to see how excited Bugs gets the moment I place the big pile of clean laundry on the floor. She always scuttles as fast as she can on all fours and starts inspecting and grabbing the items in the pile.


A few items in the pile always interest her: a cute bib that was a gift from my cousin with a car sewn on it – Bugs is very taken by the appliqué….


And buttons on garments like the wooden buttons she spotted today on my worn blue sweater.


I added a little twist to today’s session by making an impromptu hand puppet using the leg of one of Bugs’s pants. It looked ridiculously amateurish but I think the little one was very pleased with my efforts by the huge giggles and smiles I heard and saw!


It still amazes me how a mundane everyday activity can be so much fun in the eyes of a little one! I think I might treasure these moments while they last – I’m pretty sure “Foldy clothesie” won’t be her favourite game when she gets older!


4 thoughts on “Everyday simple

  1. She may not be so fascinated with the clothes anymore, but Ally is almost four and she rolls all of the socks, folds the wash cloths, and stacks her underwear when I wash the laundry. She’s even taken to hanging her shirts and dresses on the hangers the right way! *tear* she’s getting so big and she loves to help.

      • Our washcloths for bath are the little baby ones (I must have recieved a billion over my two pregnancies) and they’re the very first thing that Ally would ever try to fold. Awful little half then quarter folds – what a mess! The BEST mess I ever put in the cupboard. 😀

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