Choklad Kärlek

Hee hee…. I am no linguistic expert here but the Swedish title (it translates to “chocolate love” in English -thanks Google!) is really my way of saying – guess what everyone! We were back at IKEA again today!

This time round we had the chance to do a quick browse through of their famous food hall after we had finished with the shopping at the store!

There were the usual suspects-lingonberry jam, the famous meatballs and gravlax on display. But what really interested us this time round were the chocolates – or choklads as they say in Sweden!

I was really tempted to pick up this pretty little bag of assorted chocolates which had lingonberry or blueberry filled in them (so exotic sounding isn’t it?) but The Dude had other ideas.


He had spotted this eye catching display of butterscotch milk chocolates the moment we entered the food hall and had lingered long enough the area to realise that there were free samples of the chocolate to try.


Being discerning consumers, we did not hesitate in helping ourselves to a few of the chocolates to sample.


The chocolates tasted great but The Dude had already made up his mind about what to get the moment we finished the samples (all chocolate related decisions around our house are made by him)- this cheery yellow bar of hazelnut chocolate!


I was a little bemused to discover that more than three quarters of the chocolate bar had already disappeared when dessert time came round. Turns out The Dude had sneakily consumed the chocolate while I was taking a bath! He did feel guilty for his secret indiscretion and left four squares for me which he insisted I take!


But chocolate, like most of the good things in life, are best shared which was what I did with the remaining squares!

We’ll probably visit the food hall in the near future, this time I might get a few extra bars and stash some away from the resident chocolate monster in a secret hiding place!

Have a sweet Saturday folks!


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