The long wait

They say good things come to those who wait. Pretty true I think, especially if the slow cooker is involved!

On a chilly autumn’s day like today, The Dude and I decided a simple beef and veg stew to warm our bellies. You know winter is not too far away when produce like parsnips, swedes and turnips….


And stewing meat like chuck steak start featuring on your menu.


Perhaps the breakfast that we had this morning was a little too light for I was absolutely salivating the moment The Dude started browning off the beef in our wok. All previous plans of mine to turn vegetarian were abandoned once the aroma of stir fried meat came wafting out of the kitchen!


Once all the ingredients had been added into our trusty slow cooker, our agonising eight hour (as instructed by the recipe) wait began.


While our dinner was slowly bubbling away, we *deep breath in*

-went grocery shopping

-played with Bugs and her toys (that’s her wearing the Kanako pants I knitted for her)


-ate two hotdogs and two jam sandwiches (we were really hungry)

-went for a walk to distract ourselves as the whole house was filled with the smell of the stewing beef

-checked our watches for the millionth time and counted down the seconds to when the eight hours were finally up!

This was the payoff we got in return for being patient…


Mmmmm nothing truly warms you up like a bowl of steaming hot beef stew! Best served with a side of crusty sourdough bread to soak up all that stewing liquid! We will be having this for dinner over the next few days – at least I won’t have to wait too long to taste it again!

Hope you are having a sunshiny day!


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