Ni hao ma

Bugs and I had a mini adventure today – we went to our first mandarin
speaking playgroup session

Ever since I found out about these sessions being runned by our city council, I’d been pretty interested to attend one. A chance for Bugs to play and meet new buddies and an opportunity for me to brush up in my somewhat lacklustre mandarin speaking skills sounded just too good to pass up! And today was the perfect day for us to go to experience one of these sessions!

I was so excited to be able to finally attend the playgroup that I packed a mandarin for Bugs to have as a snack (haha so corny I know) !


The mandarin speaking playgroup was located a lot further than the regular one that Bugs and I attend on Thursday. It meant I had to drive onto the freeway for some distance which kind of stressed me out a little as I’d never driven so far and at such speeds with Bugs in the backseat. But Bugs was a real darling throughout the ride and in a matter of minutes, we finally reached our destination safe and sound!


A really cool and large activity room had been booked out for the playgroup. There were heaps of toys including this plastic playground which is always popular with kids.


I has expected the playgroup to be large but there was only us and another mum and bub pair at the venue today. Nevertheless, Bugs still had heaps of fun playing in the large space, especially when she spotted (yet another) beads toy sitting quietly in the corner of the room! And I had the chance as well to make a new friend and practice my limiting mandarin skills in the process!


Lots of positives for a Monday and much to smile about! Hope your day is going great folks!


4 thoughts on “Ni hao ma

    • Wow that’s very kind of you 😉 I’m really an amateur when it comes to photography and do get a little trigger happy with the iPhone when I get the chance! Thanks for stopping by and hope your day is going great !

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