Hide and seek


This picture looks pretty ordinary, doesn’t it? If you look at little closer, you might be able to find……


A little person hiding behind the cabinet! That was where I found Bugs playing this afternoon after I’d searched high and low for her for a few minutes!

That little gap between the cabinet and the kitchen wall is Bugs’s special corner now. Bugs makes a beeline for it the moment she sets foot into the kitchen. It’s a pretty tight space – The Dude and I can’t fit into it which is why it has been the place where we store old nappy boxes or unused kitchen stuff.

But for some reason, that little cubby corner absolutely delights Bugs. She seems to get a thrill from being in that ‘hidden’ space – there’s always lots of chuckles and squeals emanating from that cramped gap, which was how I managed to find where she was hiding!


I tried luring Bugs out with a handful of her favourite toys but she would not take the bait. Finally a old plastic spray bottle that I’d found rummaging through the kitchen cabinets did the trick!


When your day is as cheeky as this little miss, it’ll be difficult for any frown on your face to exist!

Hope your Wednesday is going great!


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