The Dude went grocery shopping today at the local supermarket and got me this…..


Yeap….a mug, with the words ” Domestic Diva” emblazoned across it!

I was informed that the other choices on offer were “Hot Housewife” or “Groovy Granny” -both of which he thought were not as great as the one he selected.

“This cup just describes you!” The Dude declared as he handed me my present.

“Are you saying I’m high maintenance?” I quizzed.

“No,” The Dude firmly replied,” I’m saying you have an extraordinary talent for managing our household affairs well! That’s what “diva” means -check it up if you don’t believe me!”

Which was what I did. According to Wikipedia, a diva is “a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and, by extension, in theatre, cinema and popular music”.

I’m no domestic goddess, The Dude and the mug exaggerate my abilities. Still it’s really nice to know that you are appreciated for your efforts, even if the living room remains in a constant state of mess!

It’s the thought that counts they say! Very true indeed! Yet another item to add to my collection of favourite things!

Hope your day will be as sweet as mine!



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