Veggie tales

Hooray! Its the weekend! We were back at good old IKEA again and this time we spent a little more time checking out the children’s section!

There seemed to be a veggie theme going around the kids furnishings at this time of the year. Not a bad idea to start the love of healthy eating and greens early I think!

Vegetables definitely seem a lot less yucky and harmless when they look as cute as this broccoli wall holder….


Or like the one printed on this cool playmat!


The vegetable theme was literally everywhere! You could find them on bibs….


On bed sheets and blankets….


And of course, in the form of cute soft toys!



Here’s Bugs crawling fast away from the broccoli toy that I tried to interest her in – hmmmm she might a little more convincing that vegetables are good for her I think!


Before we headed home, we dropped by the local green grocer for provisions and spotted some really exotic European eggplant! That’s normal eggplant in the left and the European one right next to it!


The exotic European eggplant even had a name – Graffiti! Very appropriate especially if you take a closer look at its skin which is a really pretty purple and white combination! We brought home one to try – will have to share how it tastes once we get round to cooking it!


Have a deliciously beautiful day everyone!


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