Eating Graffiti

Remember the exotic looking eggplant- Graffitti that we picked up at the green grocer yesterday? We were really really curious as to how it would taste so we decided to cook it today, especially when it still was fresh!

I’ll have to say that this is probably the most awesome looking vegetable that has sat on our humble chopping board! I did spend a few minutes admiring the magnificent purple streaked skin before Graffiti finally went under the knife!


Even when cut up, the individual slices looked really pretty!


Graffiti did come with a sticker which had some suggestions on how best to cook and enjoy it -coated in egg, breadcrumbs and cheese and pan fried, very yummy!


But we had other plans for Graffiti which were of a more spicy nature! This round we sautéed some chopped onions before adding the eggplant and a tiny teaspoon of spicy sauce for a quick stir fry!


This eggplant sure looks different from the normal variety even after cooking – you can still kind of make out the purple streaks on some of the pieces in the picture!


And it tasted surprisingly much sweeter than the usual eggplant, especially considering how little seasoning we added this time round!


I’ll never thought I’ll say this but I’m a big fan of Graffiti now! Will be stocking more of this amazing produce the next time I visit the green grocer!

Have a happy Sunday everyone!


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