Orange outbreak

Ooooooh ’tis the season for colds and flu it seems. Especially since everyone in the household is down with the cold!

It started with Bugs having a stuffy nose. Then The Dude’s nose started dripping a little more than usual. And the next thing I knew, I started sniffling as well.

We’ve been drinking lots of water and consuming oranges to fight off the nasty bug. Hopefully that and a little bit more rest will do the trick!

But before I sign off and grab some much needed rest, I thought I’ll share with you a few quirky craft finds that I spotted on the Internet using -you guessed it, oranges!

Enjoy the pictures (looking at bright colours always makes me feel peppy!) and see you tomorrow folks!

Orange tea light from Petite Elefant


A very pretty dehydrated orange garland from Crafting a green world


An incredible looking orange peel teapot from Jan Hopkins


Fragrant orange pomanders for autumn or Christmas from Make-Handmade



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