Giving in

When you live just a few streets away from a famous food outlet, it’s tough to ignore or walk pass it, especially when it’s on the way to your favourite local library!


It was really misty late this morning when Bugs and I made our way to return our batch of overdue books.


We took our usual route, passing by rows and rows of houses….


some pigeons pecking away at some bread….


and of course, the newly opened, fabulous Movida bakery!


I tried to walk past it but this round, my stomach took control and commanded my feet to march in the direction of the bakery. A few minutes later, we emerged from the place with a terrific pork terrine sandwich and a beef and porcini mushroom pie!



The Dude was really excited when I showed him what we were having for lunch! It was probably the most exotic sounding food we’ve had in a long while! We couldn’t decide who should have what so we decided to divide the spoils equally before conquering!


The pie was fantastic! Best pie I’ve had in a very long while! Absolutely buttery pastry with melt in the mouth beef and smoky mushrooms – truly a perfect winter warmer snack!


The pork terrine sandwich was equally delicious! I’d never had terrine before, although I did read about how they make one in a food magazine ages ago (a real labour of love for a chef I think). This one was really really yummy and very well complemented with sweet relish and a bit of dried fruit! Even The Dude who normally shys away from pork, gave this the two thumbs up! That’s a lot coming from him!


It seems I’ve been writing a lot about food lately! But that’s going to change with tomorrow’s post! I’ll end off with a little sneak preview of what’s to come!

Have a fabulous day everyone!



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