Sweet berry love

Today’s post has been one month in the making! I’m so very excited to share with you my very latest completed knitting project, hot off the needles – the little cardigan that I made just for Bugs!


Sweet Berry Love” is what I’ve named this garment. The pretty reddish- pinkish-brownish with little flecks of orange and blue yarn (designed by the very famous textile artist Kaffe Fassett) kind of remind me of berries which is where part of the name comes from. The other part of the name comes from the buttons – these cute little heart shaped ones I found at the craft store which matched the colours perfectly! A simple and easy enough name to remember!


Knitting with variegated yarn always pleases me tremendously- I love seeing how the colours change with each stitch and each row that you complete. Here’s how the cardigan looked when I reached the halfway mark.


Seeing on the buttons made me really happy because I knew that in a matter of minutes, this little project of mine would be finally complete!


Here’s a few close up shots of Sweet Berry Love showing the detail knit stitches on the yoke and side of the cardigan!



I tried the cardigan on Bugs just before washing – it was really great to see that it fitted her to a tee! And best of all, I manage to complete this before winter officially starts tomorrow! Three cheers to that!

Hope your day is filled with lots of sweetness and berries and love!



5 thoughts on “Sweet berry love

  1. What a beautiful sweater, I love the colors!
    I also love the use of the “puff” container as your yarn holder, it made me laugh! I turned a bunch into bowling pins for the kiddos…:)

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