The latest craze

Bugs has been enjoying our regular trips to the local library. So much such that she’s started to pick out her own books – or should I more accurately say, pulling them off the book shelves!

This cute little book was the very first book that she ‘chose’! I was really impressed when she pulled it off the shelf and started flipping through it!


The book – “I’m invited to a party!” has been written and illustrated by the very talented Mo Williams! The write up about the author states that he used to illustrate on Sesame Street – my favourite show when I was growing up! Sounds promising to me!

I was pleasantly surprised at how a delightful the book was! The illustrations are really cute and the stories are easy enough to read aloud and also very funny! Mo Williems is clearly a genius at what he does! In this particular book, we follow the adventures of Piggie (the erm… Pig), clearly the optimist in most situations…..


And her best friend, Gerald the elephant and their hilarious attempts at getting ready for a party that Piggie has been invited to.


It was really fun reading the book to Bugs! She seemed really happy when I made different voices for the characters – a squeaky, high pitched voice for Piggie and a deep one for Gerald. She must have enjoyed the experience because we end up reading this book over and over again at least six times everyday since we’ve had it !


I managed to find the rest of the books in the Elephant & Piggie series at the library today and wasted no time in adding that to our library stash!


Looks like there’s going to be lots of storytelling fun happening in our place!

Hope your day is as cute as our new found friends!



2 thoughts on “The latest craze

  1. Nice! I see these books all the time at the library I work. They’re so cute. I want to pull them all off the shelf and start reading right there.

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