Many shades of grey

Oh dear- could the day possibly get any dreary? This was what we saw out of our balcony for most of the day – a very grey and soaking wet Melbourne day. You can still kind of make out the city buildings in the far distance in this shot ….


But not in this one! A huge cloud draped over most of the city for the better part of the day.


While it was pretty miserable outside, thankfully the mood indoors was much sunnier, even though we were all still fighting off the flu (it seems like we’ve been sick for quite a while now, hasn’t it?)!

Listening to music always cheers me up, especially if it’s jazz! This “Jazz for kids” cd was a gem of a find at one of our recent library trips. Imagine your favourite nursery rhymes jazzed up with a bit of trumpet and scat and big band! Totally hilarious and entertaining, this cd was absolutely instrumental in keeping our spirits high today…


While we warmed up over hot tea….


And a devilishly nutty pecan caramel tart!


Hopefully it’s sunnier tomorrow and we can head out for some outdoor fun!

Have a sunny day folks!


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