What a year!

What a year it has been! We’ve been living in our current apartment for the past 12 months and tonight is our very last night in this pad as we are moving to our new place!

It’s been really crazy the last few days trying to pack as much as we could while fending off the nasty flu (Yeap…. We’re all still sick) and juggling other priorities as well. But I’m pleased to say that we are 90% complete – we’ll finish off the final 10% early tomorrow morning!

I haven’t had much time to think about the time we’ve spent in this house till later tonight, just after Bugs had fallen into deep slumber.

It’s been quite a special place – this tiny, ordinary looking apartment that we will soon be leaving. We’ve had so many unforgettable memories while staying here briefly, here are my personal top 5 favourite moments:

1. We fed Bugs her first taste of solids here, it was rice cereal and she loved it!

2. Bugs did her first roll, her first crawl and her first stand in the living room which was totally mind blowing to watch!

3. The Dude made bread (Chocolate braided bread) for the very first time in the kitchen, it took a lot of effort but the result was worth every drop of sweat!

4. Our very first Christmas as a family was celebrated here with a real
Christmas tree! That was such a treat for us as we’ve never had a real tree before!

And last but not least of all,
5. Bugs celebrated her very first birthday in this very place! And had cake too for the very first time!

I’ll admit writing this post did make me feel very nostalgic and a little sad about leaving. But as The Dude aptly summed it up when we chatted about our time in this house -“We’ll have more new memories to make in the new place and add on to our collection!”

How very true indeed! Fingers crossed that the move goes smoothly tomorrow!



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