Day one

Hello there! This is my very first post from our new place! *Big breath in* Brrrrrr the air sure feels cold and frosty, especially when you wake up and see the sky looking like this!


It was so cold today that almost every dog that I passed by this morning was wearing a coat or sweater of some sort! Winter is well and truly here indeed!


We celebrated our very first day in our new place with some luscious strawberry jam sandwiches for breakfast! They were so good to have with a hot cup of tea on such a frosty morning!


Since we were still living out of boxes, that meant that dinner had to be an outside affair which was a great excuse for us to go for a brisk walk after hours, something which we’ve not done in a very long while!


The weather was surprisingly mild when we headed out but that changed in an instant the moment the wind started picking up and blowing our hair into something resembling birds nests! Thankfully our meal was sizzling hot enough to hit the spot and add some warmth into our bodies!


Looks like the weekend is shaping up to be a bit warmer (according to the forecast) which is great -only one more day and we will be there!

Have a fantastic Thursday everyone !


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