Happy Friday everyone! Today’s post is a little late as it took us quite a while to get a very excited Bugs to bed! She was really buzzed after playing with the new toy that I borrowed from the toy library today – a very colourful activity table.

This activity table is obviously one of the library’s extremely popular toy. There’s a sticker on the side of the table that says “At least three months must lapse before you are allowed to borrow the toy again”. That really says a lot about how sought after it with the kiddies!

It took a lot of cajoling to finally get Bugs to sleep – we eventually had to hide that colourful activity table away in the cupboard to get her into a drowsy mood! Still it was really nice to see her super engrossed and cooing happily while playing with the toy!

I’ll have to say that this is the most excited I’ve seen Bugs with a toy ever! Good to know that I’ve chosen something that she will have lots of fun with in the next few weeks and especially over this long weekend!

Till tomorrow folks!



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