What a hoot!

Saturday is always extra fun when there are free fun and games to be had! Which was what our local ABC shop was offering today to celebrate the launch of their new character -Hootabelle!


Doesn’t she just look so adorable? Now Hootabelle just so happens to be Hoot the owl’s ( from the kid’s show Giggles and Hoot) newest pal! I think he is equally cute as well!


I’ll admit I don’t really know much about the Giggles and Hoot show but it must be pretty popular judging by the rather large turnout of families today! We got the chance to take a photo behind this special backdrop featuring Hootabelle (there was a long queue to do that!) ….


And check out the new merchandise featuring the show’s newest star!


And because Bugs was dressed in purple and pink (Hootabelle’s mascot colours), we were given a cute poster of the two owls and some stickers to take home! Perfect for dressing up Bugs’s plain plastic toy box!


I think I might end up getting one of those super cute plush Hootabelle toys for Bugs when she gets older!

Hope your day is as sweet as this little tweet!



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