Finders keepers

It’s been four days since we’ve been in the new place and we are still living out of boxes. Which was why The Dude and I resolved to unpack as much as we could before the weekend was over.

But before we got knee deep in sorting out our stuff, a little detour to grab some strawberries and cream sandwiches was necessary to fuel our bodies! We all know how much hard work unpacking is!


Once that was out of the way, we got down to business, unpacking box after box of our stuff that we had put away, some days before the move, others months earlier.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find my knitted scarfs and shawl in one of the boxes! I had been wondering where they were for some time. We must have kept them away when the winter ended last year -thank goodness we brought them along in the move!


There were lots of other little gems that we uncovered as we went through the boxes – stuff that we totally forgot about or thought we had misplaced somewhere, like this commemorative birth announcement that we ordered when Bugs arrived….


And this little wallet that I’d made years ago out of sweet wrappers and scotch tape! This thing still works! It’s going to be handy for business cards and receipts!



There’s still a little more unpacking that needs to be done which we should be able to complete in the next few days. But that did not mean that we could not reward ourselves for a job well done today!


A sweet ending to a busy day! Happy Saturday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Finders keepers

  1. Unpacking is awesome for coming across surprise items! We’re in the middle of a purge right now, I’m going through boxes trying to minimize our possessions in time for basement renovations. Eep!

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