Easy peasy rosie posie

When you come across a recipe as crazy easy as this chicken tikka masala one that I’m about to share, you can’t help but wish if only everything in life could be as simple as that!

All it takes to make this fiery curry dish is a couple of chopped onions ….


800g of tinned tomatoes and a kilo of chicken thigh fillets…


200g of tikka masala paste and the rest of the hard work is done by the slow cooker! Now is that crazy easy or what!


I didn’t invent this awesome recipe – it came straight out of the Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook that I’d been gifted for Mother’s Day! This cookbook is really my go-to book of the moment, especially since winter means we use the slow cooker a lot more.

It was a relatively sunny but still chilly day today. The curry was really helpful in warming us up, especially when the temperatures started to plunge in the evening!


I love it when a recipe is as easy as that! Gives you heaps of time to tend to the important stuff in life, including taking some time out to smell the roses!

Hope you take some time out and do the same too today!



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