Hot wheels


We had a rare couple of sunny days, which meant it was the perfect excuse to bring Bugs out for a walk and grab some fresh air!

I’d been nursing a sore hip which meant that Bugs had to go into the pram for our walk, instead of the usual baby carrier.

Bugs and the pram, just like oil and water, do not mix that well. She loves being held close to us and quite frankly, I love the closeness too! But the hip needed some much needed rest to get better, the pram was not an option but a necessity this time round.

I was quite nervous as to how Bugs would react to the new change. She did squirm a bit as I placed her in the seat but once we headed out, the sight and sounds of the outdoors enthralled her enough to temporarily forget the new situation she was in.

The walk was short and pleasant but I did miss cuddling Bugs and having her close to me and trotting around with ease in our usual fashion (pushing a pram makes you so much more aware of ramps and steps). Hopefully after a few more days of rest, it’ll be all good and it’ll be back to normal!

Have a sunny day folks!



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