Winter bug

Remember the scarf that I started knitting for Bugs about a month ago? Well I’m really happy to announce that I’ve finally completed it and here’s how it looks!


This Winter Bug (that’s what I’m calling it) scarf was literally made on the go! I sneaked in a bit of knitting whenever I had the chance, which was mainly during the (many) car rides to IKEA!

The yarn for the Winter Bug scarf came from my knitting stash which meant that I had to make do with whatever I had, which was just that one ball. When I’d gone through that ball, the scarf seemed a bit too short to tie around Bugs’s neck.

But that didn’t mean that the project would be abandoned! Instead, a couple of carefully placed snap fast buttons would help secure it around Bugs’s neck just as well!


The scarf did look a little plain so I embellished it with a knitted leaf which took no time at all to make!


Add on the final finishing touch – a cute ladybird button that I’d found at the local department store and Bugs’s very first scarf was complete!


Since Bugs is a little camera shy, we got her best pal Eeyore to model how the Winter Bug scarf would look like wrapped around the neck! Very cute and cosy I say!


Yay! Another winter knitting project completed! Hopefully I can get some more done before winter is over!

Have a fabulous day folks!


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