Au Revoir ABC

When we visited our local ABC shop today, this was what we found…


I would normally be pretty happy about any type of discount but this was a closing down sale! Oh dear! No more ABC shop just round the corner from where we are! How sad!


I’d enjoyed popping into the shop every now and then to check out their interesting range of books and kids educational materials (their kids CDs totally rock!). I’m going to miss doing that from our regular routine!


We went into the store for the very last time and managed to pick up a few bargains – a couple of magazines going for a dollar each, a classical music CD and a Hootabelle soft toy! We’d been meaning to get the owl toy for Bugs ever since we spotted her regularly touching the picture of Hootabelle on the poster that we got from the shop last week.


It’s not the end of the road for us and the ABC shop! We’ll definitely visit one sometime again in the near future, even though it might be much further from home!



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