That fuzzy warm feeling

There’s a couple of things that never fail to warm me up on a cold Winter’s day. One is a piping hot bowl of soup (more on that later) and the other is seeing my family having fun!

The Dude came along with Bugs and I to our regular library visit today. It’s been a while since he’s been there so it was quite an eye opening experience for him, particularly so since the library had undergone a major renovation.

What was even more interesting to him was seeing Bugs in her element when we visited the children’s section. It was a real treat for him to witness first hand (and not rely on my anecdotes this time round) Bugs happily exploring the play area and the books on the shelves!



The Dude couldn’t resist playing with a very enthusiastic Bugs on this occasion. Here’s the two of them making a phone call to Mr Dog in the toy telephone booth…


And just goofing around on the large open space without making too big of a noise!



When we finally headed home, it was time for dinner where some steaming hot homemade Italian chicken soup was waiting for us in the slow cooker!


Mmmmmm it’s been an absolutely perfect tummy and heart warming day for us over here! And best of all the weekend is not over yet!

Till tomorrow folks! Have a great day!



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