The circus is in town

Well…sort of. Not really the circus – we are talking more along the lines of something like this….


That’s right! A very bright and cheery looking circus tent!


We picked this cool contraption up on one of our recent trips to IKEA (you can tell my the numerous posts I’ve done about the place that we’re huge fans). The Dude and I took one look at that tent and I think, secretly wished in our hearts we each had one to play with when we were little! If only IKEA had been around in our growing up years!

The tent is just small enough for one little person and a few soft toys to fit into. I did try to squeeze in together with Bugs but it was a little too cramped for my liking! Better to leave more space for the little one for her enjoyment methinks!

Bugs was really taken by the tent and spent some time looking up at the bright colourful ‘ceiling’.



She spent a better part of the day having lots of fun crawling in and out of the tent and playing inside it! The pictures don’t say much but there were lots of smiles and giggles as it all happened!


I’m pretty sure it’s going to be her special little place to play going forward! The last I checked, her best pal Eeyore has set up camp inside the tent and is zealously guarding the space till the next time she drops in!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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