Italian surprise

The Dude came back from work and brought back a couple of goodies -a bottle of Italian hazelnut spread….


And a huge box of Italian biscotti for babies!


A colleague of his had gifted us these yummy treats and had specially ordered that box of baby cookies for Bugs and had it flown in all the way from Italy! Wow! Our dear Bugs is a really lucky little one!

It was such a big box that the biscuits filled our large cake container to the brim!


The biscotti looked so yummy, I could not resist taking one to sample! It tasted like a cross between a Marie biscuit and shortbread but not as sweet. It tasted pretty pleasant which explains why Bugs fell in love with it at first bite and kept demanding for us to feed her more!

Looks like the biscotti is going to be the go-to snack in our place in the next few days! Let’s hope that those biscuits last a week! I know that tantalising jar of hazelnut spread won’t!


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