My kind of heaven

We had the chance to travel into the city today to run some errands and visit a very special place -my favourite local yarn shop!


I’d been really looking forward to visiting the shop. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been there – the last time was way before Bugs was born! There happened to be a sale going on around this time of the year which provided just the perfect excuse to pop in for a look see!

The shop is an absolute knitter’s dream! I couldn’t help but gasp (and squeal) repeatedly at the sight of the balls and balls of colourful yarn that filled the shelves….


And everything else that one would need to make your needlecraft project a success! This is truly the one place that I could easily spend hours in browsing!

While Bugs had a little fun in the cute play corner filled with a few knitted toys and books, I took the opportunity to grab a few knitting supplies, including a couple of balls of delicious yarn!


It’s been such a treat to visit the yarn shop today! Can’t wait to get started on another knitting project – I’m almost done with the one I’m working on, a little more sewing and it’ll be ready for the big reveal! In the meantime, here’s a picture of one of the balls of that gorgeous yarn that I bought! May the bright colours brighten up your day!



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