Under pressure

It was almost close to Bugs’s nap time yet dinner had not yet been cooked (we usually try to cook dinner at lunchtime to bring down a bit of the evening maddness). All the ingredients to make some slow cooker meatballs were in the fridge and the recipe was out on the bench top.

“Could I do this in forty minutes or less?” I muttered to myself, “Could I pull this off before Bugs gets too tired?”

We’d been eating out pretty regularly since moving into the new place and quite frankly, I was growing a little weary of having some takeaway stir-fry on rice for the nth time in a row. The thought of having the same meal for dinner yet again was enough motivation for me to get cracking on dinner. As quickly as I possibly could!


With Bugs momentarily distracted by the lights and sounds on her activity station, I started preparing what was needed to make those meatballs.

Thankfully it was an easy recipe to follow. All that was needed was to add all the ingredients needed for those meatballs in a big bowl, give them a good mix….


Shape the mixture into little balls and put them in the fridge to firm up a bit!


While the meatballs were chilling, I chopped up some onion and fennel and added that, together with some lovely passata sauce that our local deli had recommended into the slow cooker.


With the meatballs finally placed in the slow cooker, all my prep work for the dish was done! A quick time check showed that I’d finished everything in thirty five minutes flat! I did it! Hooray! A few extra minutes for washing up and a little play with Bugs before naptime – totally unexpected and absolutely perfect if you ask me!


I can’t describe in words how great it is to be finally able to tuck into a bowl of home cooking! Especially on a freezing Winter’s night like tonight! Especially if they’re meatballs!

Have a delicious day folks!



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