Sights and sounds

It’s been a little while since The Dude came along with us to the market. Bugs and I try to get most of our marketing done over the work week so that it frees up more time over the weekend for family fun. But this week was just one of those weeks where an extra pair of hands would be really useful on our market trips!

You’ve probably know how much I adore the market – it really comes alive on Saturdays! There’s a certain buzz about it and heaps more interesting things to see!

This time round we were greeted by a bevy of ladies who were giving out free Fisherman’s Friends candies at the door! They looked really dressed for the occasion with their wide brim hats and costume! It was an interesting sight to see so many Fisherman ladies decked out in red, aqua, handing out sweets to happy passerbys early in the morning!


The Dude pointed out a new stall in the corner of the market – this stall selling authentic Turkish food! It was very intriguing to see how the Turkish pastries were being made before our eyes! We had a quick gander and also noted that there was Turkish coffee on offer – ooooh! We’ll definitely have to try that soon!


While The Dude and Bugs went to say hi to the florist’s cute little dog…


I browsed through the flowers and got a bunch of these unusual looking blooms!


They look so much like mini cabbages! I wonder what they’re called, at least they fit nicely into our vase and add a spot of nature to our home!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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