Unexpected surprises

On a day with nothing pressing in the near horizon, Bugs and I headed off to Toorak village for a quick exploratory stroll.


I didn’t really know much about Toorak village before this visit except for the fact that it’s a place where the rich shop. The shops might be a little out of our reach budget wise but it was still interesting enough to walk around the area on a sunny afternoon!

There were lots of small boutiques selling exotic wares from far away lands…


Little alleyways which contained even more shops….


And cafes such as this really cozy one tucked in the back of the alley.


We passed by a few sculptures that had been strategically positioned on the sidewalk….


And the famous Simon Johnson providore! That place is like an aladdin’s cave of exotic food! There was so much to take in during the five minutes we were in the store – I think I’ll have to revisit this place with The Dude in the near future!


It started to feel a little boring walking around the shops so we ventured to a nearby lane way where we saw this immaculately preserved Art Deco era apartments….


And this tiny Op shop! An Op shop in Toorak! Who would have thought!


We didn’t spend much time in the Op shop as we were rushing to catch the tram. But we did stay long enough to spot this almost brand new pair of Tod’s brown leather loafers going for a crazy price of $25! Oh if only my feet could grow by two sizes overnight, I would have bought those shoes in a heartbeat!


Just goes to show that there is always a little surprise waiting somewhere for you if you look hard enough!

Happy hump day folks!


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