Baker’s delight

Yippee! We have a new breadmaker! The Dude and I ordered this appliance a month ago and after a few delivery glitches, it finally arrived safe and sound and just in time for us to try our hand at making some homemade bread!


This breadmaker was really an anniversary gift to ourselves! It’s no secret that we love baking. Coupled with the fact that Bugs really loves to eat bread, the idea of being able to bake your own fresh loaf, using the ingredients that you like really appealed to us!

As with all appliances, this breadmaker came with a very handy instruction booklet which also doubled up as a recipe book!


I was amazed to find out that this ingenious machine could also be used to bake cakes, make dough and jam and compote too! Talk about versatility – this baby has it all!

We decided to scale back on our ambitions and try out the basic white loaf recipe for our very first attempt.


To make the white loaf, all we had to do was to measure out the ingredients and tip them into the metal container and set the program as instructed! Wow how easy is that! Probably the simplest way to bake bread in my opinion!


The breadmaker comes with a timer function so we set it such that our bread would be ready for us the first thing in the morning! Mmmmm imagine the smell of freshly baked bread the moment you walk into the kitchen! Such a delicious thought!

I’ll have to update you tomorrow on how it all goes – hopefully its a success!



2 thoughts on “Baker’s delight

  1. A timer! Wow, that’s fancy! 😀 My little bread maker is so amazing, I love the smell and there is nothing quite as simple as dumping the ingredients in and then walking away.

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