What Sunday smells like

If there was a scent that I could attribute to my most favourite day of the week, it would be the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread! Which was exactly what we woke up to this morning!

The breadmaker had worked its magic while we were asleep and had produced this amazing looking loaf of white bread!


Boy does that loaf look huge! No matter what angle we took a picture, it still looked like a massive amount of bread!



I was pretty amazed how the breadmaker was able to bake the loaf such that the crust was golden and a little crispy….


While the inside was extremely soft and fluffy, almost like cotton candy!


It sounds silly but there is something exciting about slicing a home baked loaf of bread – it must be the fact that you get to choose how thick you want each slice to be, which in the case of this massive loaf, pretty huge!


We were so happy with the outcome that we finished the whole loaf today! That’s right! Homemade bread for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!


There’ll be another fresh loaf waiting for us tomorrow morning! Can’t wait to wake up to those delicious smells again! It’s off to bed for me now! Till tomorrow everyone!


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