Fresh food people

We were at the market today when we spotted this sign outside the mushroom shop….


Wow wee! Truffles in the market! What a treat! We went into the store and had a brief chat to the owner who informed us that the truffles were direct from Western Australia! Truffles in Australia! That’s even more surprising to me!

I didn’t manage to snap a photo of the black gold – didn’t want to appear too interested in the produce especially when we weren’t intending to purchase any. But we did linger around the shop long enough for me to notice that the produce that they stock looked really fantastic! As in ridiculously fresh!

Check out the mini Brussel sprouts, you can kind of make out the micro greens boxes as well in the background….


A basket full of tiny Dutch carrots – perfect pan fried in butter and as an accompaniment to steak….


Boxes of cocktail tomatoes – they looked so red and perfect, it’s amazing how almost identical each one looks!


Since we’d already bought most of our food elsewhere prior to visiting the mushroom stall, we decided to spend the rest of our marketing money on some organic tea we had tasted at the organic food store.


No truffles today but some cardamom cake and organic white tea is definitely good enough for us! Happy Saturday everyone!



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