Winter and Sprout


There’s really not much you can do on a freezing day like today, except to hibernate at home with bowls of hot soup (shown here with some homemade whole meal bread)….


And to indulge in a little knitting of course! Sprout is what I’ve named my latest endeavour! It’s still a work in progress but I thought I’ll share with you how Sprout came to be, just in case it inspires you to pick up your needles as well!


It all started with this copy of the latest Australian Women’s Weekly that The Dude brought home very recently. There was a free knitting supplement that came along with the mag – very nice of him to notice it!


This page really caught my attention when flipping through the knitting supplement – an opportunity to do some charity knitting for little babies and kids in need! Sounds good to me!


I raided my stash bag and found the perfect yarn for my newest project – this huge lovely ball of cotton in a beautiful shade of green named “Honeydew”. It kind of reminded me of Spring which seemed apt for a project that aims to be giving a bit of hope to someone in need!


Now all I need to do is to make sure I finish this before winter is over! I am feel pretty positive about completing this in time, will update once it’s all done!


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